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Tombstone Tuesday: Carl Adam

Carl Adam's Tombstone

Carl Adam is Conrad’s brother.

In 1854, they traveled together from Tiefenbach, Prussia to Boerne, Texas.

Carl Adam

born 20 November 1832

died 24 October 1879

Boerne Cemetery (Boerne, Kendall County, Texas). Carl Adam marker; personally read, July, 1971.


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Adalbertha Bergmann Adam 1912

Adam Descendants at Julius Adam Home in 1912

Celebration? Relatives visiting on Sunday afternoon? I don’t know, but I love the picture! The family is posed in front of the Julius Adam home on a sunny day in 1912. Adalbertha Bergmann Adam is front row center. On her left is Bertha Adam Froebel Haby, her daughter, Erna Adam, her granddaughter, has her hand on her chair, on her right is Kathinka Adam Toepperwein, her oldest daughter.

Left to right:

Eugene Adam, grandson; Paul Toepperwein, son-in-law; Emma Herms, daughter; Wally Toepperwein, granddaughter; Gus Herms, grandson; Clara Toepperwein, niece; Ida Haufler Adam, daughter-in-law and my great-grandmother; Hilda Adam, granddaughter; Bertha ?; there is a man standing behind Bertha I can’t see his face clearly; Edna Herms, granddaughter; Julius Adam, son; Mousie Goerges, niece; Chris Herms, son-in-law; Willie Adam, grandson and my grandfather.

Adam, Adalbertha. Adam Descendants at the Julius Adam Home 1912. Photograph of the original. 2000. By Gunner Froebel. Digital copy privately held by Regina Adam and Kathryn Adam-Hurst. Boerne, Texas. 2011.

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Tombstone Tuesday: Adolph Toepperwein

Adolph Toepperwein's Tombstone

Adolph “Ad” Toepperwein

Son of: E.A.F. and Johanna Bergmann Toepperwein

Grandson of: Joseph Bergmann

First cousin to: Julius Adam, my great grandfather

My first cousin 3x removed

Occupation: Exhibition sharp-shooter

Birth place: Boerne, Texas

Mission Burial Park South (San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas). Adolph Toepperwein marker, Calvary Garden,

Block 7, Lot 705, space 11 and 12; personally read, 2011.

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Joseph Bergmann Home

Joseph Bergmann Home

Simon Menger sold 54 acres of land from Survey No. 182 and 183 to Joseph Bergmann on 1 November 1853. The land was situated on the Cibolo about twenty five miles northwest of San Antonio. The east side of the property ended at Dr. Herff’s field and the west side was bounded by Fredericksburg Road. This road is now called the Old San Antonio Highway. There was a stipulation made by Menger in the deed that if Bergmann desired to sell the land and premises (there isn’t a description of the building) Menger had the first opportunity to purchase it again. Sam S. Smith, Bexar County Clerk of the County Court recorded this transaction on 15 November 1853 at 5:00 pm. Witnesses: W. H. Cleveland and Mariano Rodriguez.

In 1846, Simon Menger and his family arrived in Texas. He was well educated and  taught school and was a musician. The family moved several times before settling in San Antonio where he started Menger Soap Works which operated until World War I. The present day address is 500 North Santa Rosa St.

Bergmann, Joseph. Family Home circa 1900s. Photograph of the original. 2000. By Gunner Froebel. Digital copy privately held by Regina Adam and Kathryn Adam-Hurst. Boerne, Texas. 2011.

Kendall County, Texas, “Transcribed Records of Bexar County,” Vol. 1: 286-288; Simon Menger to Joseph  Bergmann, 15 November 1853; County Clerk’s Office, Kendall County. Bexar County, Texas. “Deed Records,” Vol. 1: 605-606; Bexar County Clerk’s Office, Bexar County.

Menger, Rudoph. Texas Nature Observations and Reminiscences. San Antonio: Guessaz and Ferlet Co., 1913.


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Tombstone Tuesday: John G. O’Grady

John G. O’Grady

While visiting the Boerne Cemetery a few weeks ago, I came across John G. O’Grady tombstone. I like saying his name. It just flows off the tongue. He served as the second Post Master in Boerne from 1861-1869. In 1862, he was elected the first District Clerk of the newly formed Kendall County. J. G. O’Grady owned and operated the O’Grady Inn which was located on the south side of the Cibolo Creek. There is still a house on the site and I was told by Mrs. Edith Gray that the house and several of the houses on Evergreen Street were built from the lumber of the O’Grady Inn when it was torn down. In 1879, he donated one acre of land so a school could be built for the Balcones Community.  Both he and his wife, Katherine, were born in Ireland.

Boerne Cemetery (Boerne, Kendall County, Texas). John G. O’Grady marker; personally read, 2011.

Kendall County Deed Record 4, p. 589.


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Gustav Bergmann Family

I can’t believe it! It’s the second week of October. Even though friends were visitng, I thought I would be able to squeeze in a post or two last week. But as you can tell, that didn’t happen. On Monday morning, October 3, my son called. He was in the hospital. It seems his appendix didn’t like him anymore and wanted to leave and it did just that! I am thankful he didn’t try to “tough it out” thinking the pain would go away. As a result, the week quickly slipped by.

St. John's Lutheran Church San Antonio, Texas

Great news! I have new information about Wilhelmina Bergmann, wife of Gustav Bergmann and daughter-in-law of Joseph Bergmann. I received an email from Maria Pfeiffer, archivist at St. John’s Lutheran Church in San Antonio. She checked their burial files and found that Wilhelmina’s maiden name was Knopp and not Finger as was stated on Mina Bergmann Federolf’s death certificate. Mina was her second oldest daughter. Wilhelmina’s birth and death dates were also listed! Yea!! She was born 2 April 1832 and died 5 May 1904. Her tombstone had 1905 as her death date and no other dates.

The Bergmann families were members of St. John’s Lutheran Church which is located on Nueva Street in downtown San Antonio. All three daughters married there.

Gustav Bergmann   

Born 13 June 1839 – Died 13 Jan 1895

Their children:

Rosa Bergmann

Born 6 July 1865 in Boerne, Kendall County, Texas – Died 25 June 1944 San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Married 21 April 1883 to Alexander Goerges

 Mina Bergmann

Born 31 December 1869 Boerne, Kendall County, Texas -Died 16 June 1960 San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Married 15 September 1888 to George Federolf

Ida Bergmann

Born 4 December 1873 – Died 31 August 1901 San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Married 7 March 1889 to Edward E. Dillard

Married 1900? Fritz Groos


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