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I created Conrad's Stories to connect and reconnect with relatives, descendants of early settlers of Kendall County, Texas and to share information so we will know from "whence we came."

Tombstone Tuesday: Gottlieb Stephan

Mr and Mrs. G. Stephan and Daughter

On May 22, 2020 The Genealogical Society of Kendall County posted a biographical sketch of Gottlieb Stephan and his wife Henrietta on their Facebook page. Click on G. Stephan to read the sketch.

Gottlieb Stephan was one of thirty-three inhabitants to purchase burial plots in the Boerne Cemetery in 1867.

Boerne Cemetery (Boerne, Kendall County, Texas). Gottlieb Stephan marker; personally read, November, .2020


Rosa K. Bender Bauer Hood Friday

Rosa, the wife of Ernst Bauer,  grew up in Spring Branch in Comal County.  Her father, Henry Bender, was born in Hesse-Darmstadt and arrived in 1861 in New York City.  He settled in Wabash, Indiana, and in 1864 he enlisted in the Union Army in Company G, 138th Indiana Volunteer Infantry.  According to John Henry Brown’s Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas, he participated in Sherman’s March to the Sea.  He returned to Wabash, and there he married Harriett Sawyer on 8 August 1865.  His health began to fail, and he came to New Braunfels to visit his brother Charles.  He decided to move the family to Texas and eventually acquired 2,200 acres of land in Spring Branch along the Guadalupe River.  Rosa is the fifth child of Henry and Harriett and was born on 29 August 1874.

Ernst and Rosa “Rosie” married on 9 July 1895 in Kendall County.  Rosa was 20 years old, and Ernst was 30.  They had three children.  Their first child, Elfrieda, later known as Alpha, was born on 27 April 1896.  On 11 January 1898, their second daughter Harriet “Hattie,” was born, and their son, Arnold M., was born on 14 January 1901.

After her husband’s tragic death in September 1920, Rosa and her son, Arnold, continued operating the farm.  On the 1930 census, Rosa is 54 and a Farm Manager.  Arnold, age 29, is a laborer.   Two years after the census, a deed of heirship is filed in  Kendall County Deed Records V 52, pages 535-536.  Max Hofheinz and Charles Bergmann, Jr, friends of the family, say they have known the Ernst Bauer family for over forty years.  They listed family members as Rosa Bauer, his wife, son Arnold,  daughters Elfrieda wife of Micky Solomon, and Hattie, wife of Fritz Klaeden.   Another two years pass, and Rosa has married C. D. Hood.  In April, she is involved in Kendall County District Court case No. 829.  The dispute is over four Boerne City Lots in the Oak Park Addition. When the court settled the dispute in 1934, Arnold Bauer and his sisters, Hattie Klaeden and Elfrieda Solomon, widow, pay Rosa $10.00, agreed to pay a promissory note of $250.00  due to the Boerne State Bank on 1 May 1934 made by Rosa Bauer.  They are to  pay any unpaid taxes and all the court costs and can keep the lots but they are to “relinquish all claims and demands against Rosa Hood growing out of the estate of Ernst Bauer, deceased.” The decree stated Alpha, Hattie, and Arnold did not have rights to lots 12 and 26 located in the Artesian Gardens Subdivision is Bexar County which she purchased 3 October 1932.

Rosa and her husband, Charles “Charlie” Dow Hood, live in South San Antonio at 304 Faye Avenue.  Charlie is a carpenter.  He was born in Big Foot, Texas, on 11 December 1883 to Charles William and Mary J. Coffman Hood.  For part of his adult life, he worked drilling oil wells.  His World War I registration card described him as six feet tall, medium build, blue eyes, and light-colored hair.  In March of 1936, Charlie is working on I. B. Rice’s home when J. B. Kountz, a night watchman for the Missouri Pacific railroad, stopped by the house to talk to him.  According to testimony, Hood sent Kountz a note earlier in the day.  Kountz owed Hood $46.00, and he wanted payment.  They argued about the date Kountz was to repay the loan.  Hood hit Kountz in the head with a hammer and was prepared to strike again when Kountz fired a .45 caliber revolver, which he was holding at the time, and shot and killed Hood.  Kountz surrendered. The case went to trial in November.  Kountz, who defended himself at the trial,  said he shot Hood in self-defense.  The jury agreed and he was acquitted.  Charlie Hood was buried in the Roselawn Cemetery in San Antonio, now called San Fernando #3.

In 1936, Rosa Bauer Hood, “for and in consideration of the sum of $1.00 to me in hand paid, and the love and affection which I have for the grantee herein, my daughter…give to Alpha Solomon, a widow, of the County of Bexar part of lots 26 and 27 in Artesian Garden Subdivision…” In 1937 Rosa Bauer Hood , a widow, “in consideration of Ten Dollars and love and affection to me in hand paid by Mrs. Fred Klaeden [her daughter]…as her separate property….a lot of land….in Artesian Gardens, in Bexar County, Texas.” Arnold M. Bauer paid Rosa $10.00 in May 1940 for a lot located in the New Fenfield Addition, located in South San Antonio.

In 1948 Rosa was listed in the San Antonio City Directory as the wife of Starling L. Friday.  S. L. is a driver for Associated Seeds, and they live at 530 Faye Avenue in South San Antonio.  Two years later, Rosa died at the age of 75 of liver cancer.   Her husband, S. L. Friday, survived her; also, her two daughters Mrs. Hattie Klaeden, Mrs. Alpha Garsic [sic]; son Arnold Bauer of Converse; four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.  Her services were held at the Southside Funeral home, and interment was at the Roselawn Memorial Park, now San Fernando Cemetery #3.

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Tombstone Tuesday: Jacob Saner

Jacob Saner’s tombstone in the Boerne Cemetery

In Memory of

Jacob Saner

Born in North Carolina on May 20, 1790

Died July 29, 1873

Jacob Saner, his wife Mary Douthit, and his family left Tennessee and arrived in Texas in 1849. They lived in several Texas counties before settling in the Kendall County area in 1853. Jacob is descended from Peter Sehner, Jr., an American Revolutionary War veteran who served three years in the North Carolina Continental Line. The family changed the spelling of the name to Saner sometime after the war. Jacob and his wife were both in their 80s when they passed away. In the 1870 Kendall County Census, Jacob is a farmer and his wife is keeping house. They are living next door to their son Patterson Douthit Saner and four grandchildren. His grandson, James Monroe Saner, was the eleventh Kendall County Sheriff. He served from 1908 to 1916.

I have searched for a Joe Saner who settled in Kendall County and have not yet located one. There isn’t a Joe in the deed records either, only a Jacob. Also, when the cemetery plots were sold they were border plots to the cemetery and Jacob is in the border plot facing west. I’m thinking Joe Saner on the original Boerne Cemetery document is Jacob Saner, Jac. was transcribed as Joe. Do I have the wrong Saner?

Jac. Saner was one of thirty-three inhabitants to purchase burial plots in the Boerne Cemetery in 1867.

Boerne Cemetery (Boerne, Kendall County, Texas). Jacob Saner marker; personally read 2020.

“James Monroe Saner.” Keys to the Past, Spring/Summer 2019.


Ernst Bauer

Ernst Bauer

When Ernst Bauer died in 1920, the estate was worth $12,400.00.  He owned 485 acres of land, four Boerne Lots in the H & R addition, four Boerne lots in the Oak Park Division, 14 head of cattle, three horses, one Ford Car, one promissory note given by J. Kruckemeyer for $1500.00, and one promissory note given by Rud. Engel for $700.00.  

Ernst was born 20 October 1864 in Spring Branch, Comal County, Texas.  He was the fourth of five siblings born to Phillip and Marie Peters Bauer.  At age 14, he is listed on the 1880 Kendall County Census with his parents with farmer as his occupation.   At age 30, he married Rosa K. Bender on 9 July 1895 in Kendall County.  She was the daughter of Henry and Harriett Sawyer Bender of Spring Branch.

They had three children.  Their first child, Elfrieda, later known as “Alpha,” was born on 27 April 1895/1896. Harriett “Hattie” was born 11 January 1898, and their son, Arnold M., was born on 14 January 1901.

On 18 February 1915, Ernst Bauer, “being of sound and disposing mind and memory and in an ordinary state of health,” drew up a will.  He stated his wife Rosa would inherit all his real estate and personal property for “her sole use and benefit” if she remained unmarried.  If she married, then the property that remained would go to his surviving children from their marriage.  He listed Rosa as the sole executrix of his will and requested that “no other action shall be had in the Probate Court in regard to the settlement of my estate than the least than the law permits.”  Joe Saunders and Emil Phillip witnessed the will.

Five years later,  Ernst Bauer died by his own hand on 17 September 1920.  In February, he made an earlier attempt on his life.  The Comfort News reported Ernst was found unconscious in his yard. “He was taken to a local drug store, and his wounds sewed up.  The following day he was sent to a sanitarium in San Antonio.” He was buried on 18 September in the Boerne Cemetery.

Note:  I used the inflation calculator to see what his estate would be worth in 2020 and the amount is $161,341.98.   If you would like to use it, here is the link: Inflation Calculator | Find US Dollar’s Value from 1913-2020 (

Kendall County Probate Records. Ernst Bauer. Kendall County Courthouse, Boerne, Texas.

1880 Kendall County Census,

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Tombstone Tuesday: August Ludwig Pfeiffer

Hier ruht

August Ludwig Pfeiffer

Geb Oct 5, 1809

Gest Dec 23, 1876

Hiet ruht

Wihelmine Pfeiffer

Geb Feb 14, 1815

Gest Mai 30, 1901

August, age 46, and Wihelmine together with eight children arrived in New Orleans on 26 November 1855 from Prussia. They sailed on the ship Ernestine and their destination was Texas. They settled in the Kendall County area where he became a naturalized citizen on 29 July 1867.

August Ludwig Pfeiffer was one of thirty-three inhabitants to purchase burial plots in the Boerne Cemetery in 1867.

Boerne Cemetery (Boerne, Kendall County, Texas). August Ludwig Pfeiffer marker; personally read 2020. Texas, U.S., Voter Registration Lists, 1867-1869 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.


Sentimental Sunday

Yours truly

I’m not sure how old I am in this photo, but I can tell you several things about it. I still like purses, the two trees you see are still there, the road directly behind me is now gravel, my mother always had a hat on my head because it took a long time for my hair to grow, the hat is pink, it must be cedar season because my eyes are puffy. This photo was probably taken on Sunday after church. I know the hat was pink corduroy because my mother kept it for a long time. Either she made it, or my maternal grandmother did. I’m sure my grandmother sewed the coat I am wearing. She had five grandkids and she sewed outfits for us quite often. She love to sew.

I thought about reenacting the photo, but there is a fence right in front of the tree, and I would probably hit myself in the head with my purse. My purses are much heavier now because you never know what you might need!

I have a membership to My Heritage and today is the first time I used the colorized tool. Wow! The hat has a hint of pink in it and the coat looks like it’s navy blue. I bet it was. I doubt the grass was green but it looks good green since everything right now is dry and brown.


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Wordless Wednesday: Otto and Olga Wessely Phillip

Otto Edward and Olga Kathrine Wessely Phillip, 1907

Otto Edward Phillip, son of Anton and Katherine Meckel Phillip

Olga Kathrine Wessely, daughter of Carl and Louise Bauer Wessely

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Tombstone Tuesday: John F. Stendebach

Katharina (Nichols) and John F. Stendebach, Boerne Cemetery

Katharina Stendebach

Born in Germany

Jan 29, 1834

Died Oct. 11, 1915

John F. Stendebach

Born in Germany

Oct. 20, 1826

Died July 20, 1890

Johann Franz Stendebach immigrated to Texas in 1850. While living in San Antonio, he met and married Katharina Nichols. He farmed and was an excellent stonemason and built many building in Boerne including the first court house. He signed the 1859 petition to form Kendall County and was elected Sheriff of Kendall County in 1870 and was reelected three times.

John F. Stendebach was one of thirty-three inhabitants to purchase burial plots in the Boerne Cemetery in 1867.

Boerne Cemetery (Boerne, Kendall County, Texas). John F. Stendebach marker; personally read 2020.

Gray, Edith A. Recollections of Boerne and Kendall County Family Histories. 1949.


Jimmie’s Chili Recipe

Jimmie Adam’s Chili Recipe

This can be a tasty dish for a cold winter day. Jimmie used this recipe when participating in the Fall Festival in Fredericksburg and at the St. John Lutheran Church’s Wild Game Dinner. He loved preparing this recipe and everyone enjoyed eating it.

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Wordless Wednesday

We decorated with Christmas flowers earlier this month. Daddy loved Christmas and for the past two years we decorated the tree too. Last year someone stole all the ornaments, so we decided to skip the tree this year.


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