Conrad's Stories

The life and times of the Conrad Adam family in Kendall County, Texas

Great-Great Granddaughter of Conrad Adam

I  am a retired school librarian and have been interested in family history and Kendall County, Texas, since high school.

For years I have collected bits and pieces of information about my family and Kendall County.  In 1979, with Margaret Kutzer Morries, I transcribed the 1870 Census of Kendall County.  The Genealogical Society of Kendall County, under the direction of Kate Skinner-Klee, published the transcribed version.  I am a charter member of the Society and was the first editor for their newsletter/journal Keys to the Past.  While reading through land records, I discovered that the Adam family had farmed a portion of my parent’s property for over 100 years.  In 1984, the Adam Farm was recognized as a Texas Family Heritage Farm.  The rest of my parent’s property was purchased in 1909 by my great grandfather, Julius Adam.  I now live in the 1909 part.

I have been looking for a way to share information and stories about the family and settlers of Kendall County while I organize and sort through my drawers, boxes, and notebooks. I also wanted to have a place for others to share their stories too. So, I created Conrad’s Stories to connect and reconnect with relatives, descendants of early settlers and to share information so we will know from “whence we came.”


Kathryn Adam-Hurst

You can contact me at: kathryn1828(at)gmail(dot)com

or leave a comment on Conrad’s Stories.

13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Glenna says:

    Kathryn, this is awesome! Not officially an “Adam” anymore, but my kids and grandkids are and I love learning of their heritage. I was wondering how many generations back was Conrad. For some reason I thought he was further back. So it goes: Conrad, Eugene, Jack, Jesse, Jason and Jack Wyatt. This will be an awesome blog for Jason to read to Presleigh, Sydney and Jack Wyatt. Thanks for the memories!

    1. Kathryn says:

      Thank you! One missing in the line up: Conrad, Julius, Eugene, Jack, Jesse, Jason, Jack Wyatt. Jack Wyatt is 7th generation. 🙂

      1. Jason Adam says:

        And now Jack Wyatt has a fellow 7th Gen Adam. Nolan Conrad was born 11/22/20. He carries Conrad’s name forward.

  2. I guess you could say I found you accidentally (googling C. Dienger). Really enjoyed your site.-

    I too descendent from the early settlers of Boerne (Vogt and Dienger/Dietert/Bergmann).

  3. Nuala Benson says:

    I am a descendent of Ferdinand Simon (survivor of the Nueces Massacre) and Carolina Bauer Simon. They are my great grand parents and are buried in the Boerne cemetary. Carolina was the daughter of Gottlieb Bauer (whose ranch was on Holiday creek in Comfort whose house is pictured in the book 100 years of Comfort) and sister to Leopold Bauer (the first one to die in the Nueces Massacre). Carolina’s sister was married to Ernst Cramer another survivor of the Massacre. Ferdinands rock cabin is still standing on the grounds of the old Tusculum colony on the Cibolo off of Johns Road. My mother’s father Leopold Simon, Ferdinand’s son, was named after Leopold as was Ernst Cramer’s (who moved to Idaho) first son born after the Civil War, a promise both Ferdinand and Ernst made to honor in life the death their young brother-in-law Leopold Bauer.
    At any rate, my mother died and never told us her father’s family saga. All I remember her saying when we would drive thru Boerne is what a wonderful man Dr Herff was. Her best friend was Carolyn Froebel growing up whose mother was a Heuerman who had a ranch on Heuerman Rd in Bexar county across I10 from the Dominion. So I was delighted to see a photo of Mr and Mrs HG Froebel who must be related to Carolyn who died unexpectedly a single woman before my mother. My mother also said she had no religion growing up and mentioned the phrase Freethinker which at the time being 7 or 8 I did not understand.
    As I have gotten older and become more reflective and interested in roots I began looking to see if there was anything on Ferdinand and Carolina Simon in Kendall county and found they had died in 1878 one month apart from each other leaving 3 orphans, my grandfather Leopold, and his two sisters Mina, and Bertha. (Perhaps there was an outbreak of some disease that took them slowly since they changed their wills in anticipation of their soon to come and quite tragic demise.)
    There are many unanswered questions I have with regard to this family. One is where Bertha Simon is buried. She was the youngest orphan dieing only a few short years after her parents. The other is what Ferdinand and Carolina may have looked like.
    I have searched and searched but cant seem to find anyone who might have photos. I think Ferdinand may have been a commissioner around 1876 or 1877 and may have overseen the building of the small rock building, still standing, that may have been the jail back then, standing in a rowe next to the other jail buildings in Boerne. Ferdinand is also listed online as the first Post Master in Leon Springs in the 1850’s prior to the Civil War. How and why he goes to Boerne would be good to know as well as owning several lots in Comfort next to the Brinkmann house in Comfort.

    I dont expect you to have any oth these answers. Its just my very long way of teling you how much I appreciate your website as I am interested in any and everybit of history I can find about the early days of Kendall county and the lives of the first German immagrants.

    Nuala Benson

    1. Kathryn says:

      Thank you Nuala for telling me about the Simon family. I will definitely keep a look out for any information about them. Keep those questions out there. You never know when the answers will show up. It keeps us going!

  4. Dorothy Herms Ebert says:

    Conrad Adam, Christian & Emma Adam Herms, Herbert & Hertha Haas Herms, 4th generation was
    Alfred-Pam & Dorothy-Eugene(divorced), 5th generation was Melissa-Paul, Lori(adopted)-David(divorced), Eric-Anissa, Shawn-Christine(she deceased) then Shawn-Jennifer, Max. 6th generation was Rachael, Ryan, Brittany, Ethan, Jonathan, Jacob, Zachary.

  5. Kathryn, I really enjoyed reading your posts. I am descended from Fritz and Bettie Holekamp through their son Georg and his son Oscar. I am also descended from Henry Boerner through his son Otto. That also makes me a Von Roggenbucke and a Schulze. And there are family stories about my Great and Great-Great Grandmothers telling fortunes in Comfort. My kids have asked me to write a family history, which is what led me to your webpage. So, I’d really like to know if you have any information or stories to share about any of our relatives and, of course, I’d love to know if the “Witches and Bitches” book you wrote about mentions my grandmothers. Thank you in advance, and especially for sharing. Mary Holekamp Dawson

    1. Kathryn says:

      John Eddie Vogt wrote the book Witches, Bitches and Other Small Town Folks. After people read the book, they asked him about the title because it just didn’t quite fit. He said, “I wanted to sell the book.” and he sold out and unfortunately never reprinted it. They are his reminiscences of growing up in Boerne along with a brief history of the county. If you would like to publish some of your family stories, I am the editor of the Keys to the Past, the journal of The Genealogical Society of Kendall County. If comes out twice a year (May and November), and articles range from one page to five pages. We would love to share your family stories on the Holekamp, Boerner, von Roggenbucke and Schulze families.

  6. Harry Dell says:

    Great website! I particularly like the pictures.

  7. Mrs. Dorothy Ann (Herms) Ebert says:

    Kathryn, I am Dorothy Ann (Herms) Ebert, born in Boerne to Herbert and Hertha (Haas) Herms. I have read a lot of your writings in Conrad’s stories and now finally about you, yourself, and found that you are a G-G-Granddtr of Conrad Adam. I am a Great-Granddtr of Conrad and Adelbertha.
    That has to mean we are somewhat kin. I came and worked on the Bertha’s autograph book if you remember my name from that. My grandfather was Andreas Christian Herms married to Emma Adam. When Gerhard Adam first came to New Braunfels with his Braunfels, Germany, tourists, I spotted him at an event outside the Civic Center and started a conversation with him. Up till then he had not known that any relatives had come to America to settle before his visit. It has been such fun tracing my family further after that surprise contact and then finding all your interesting websites. I was born in Boerne in 1938 so I turned 81 in Nov. I am still using info I obtain from your websites and thank you so very much. I had an adopted child (came with my marriage) and then birthed 3 more boys. I wish you could pursue moreCh of the Herms and Haas families connected with Boerne as one of my sons and I are always for Thanksgiving and Christmas in Boerne with the Max Voigt family who are my cousins…Max’s wife being the former Joyce Haas. Joyce and I are both grand-children of Otto C. and Emilie (Uecker) Haas. I think the Adam House is not very far from the old Andreas Christian Herms (“Christian” or “Chris”) house, but I am not totally sure. Christian and wife Emma Adam Herms were my grandparents but both had died before I was born. Dad took me by a time or two to see the house from the road but otherwise I was never in it nor had the opportunity to meet them. I did know all of the children except the daughter Edna, who also had died before I was born. I am gathering as much info on my genealogy so I can pass it all on for my children. So thank you again.

    1. Kathryn says:

      We are second cousins once removed! My Dad, Jimmie Adam, is your second cousin. Thank you for sending Gerhard our way. We met him in the year 2000. We took him to the Boerne Cemetery and show him as many Adam ancestors as possible!

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