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I like to watch the TV show Who Do You Think You Are? One of the advertisers for the show is  In the commercial, they say click on the “leaf for hints”. I was skeptical, what are the odds that I would actually connect with someone and we would swap information. I signed up for a three month trial. Well, let me tell you right now IT’S TRUE! I have been looking for information about the Joseph Bergmann family. According the Gunner Froebel family tree, there was another son named Gustav born about 1840.  I added him to the family tree and a green leaf appeared. I clicked on the leaf and I found a picture of him and his wife! I learned he was a saloon keeper and had three daughters!  Can you believe it?? Plus I contacted the person who submitted the information. Christy lives in California and if I figured it out correctly; Joseph is also her 3rd great grandfather! When my three month trial is up, I will be signing on.  I’m pumped!!

Gustav Bergmann

Gustav was a saloon keeper on the Corner of Commerce and Presa in downtown San Antonio.

In 1891, the family residence was 256 Garden Street. The street name was later changed to Navarro.

He died about 1893.

Wilhemina Knopp Bergmann

Wilhemina and Gustav had three daughters.

Ida born 1873

Rosa born 1865

Wilhemina born 1869

Christy generously shared the pictures and information with me. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “It’s True!!

  1. Sarah Lewis says:

    He looks like he would be a saloon keeper.

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