Merry Christmas 1959!

24 Dec
Front row: Bryan Adam, Second row left to right: Kathryn Adam and Alice Asher, Third row left to right: Phil Asher, Max Theis and Richard Asher

When my maternal grandmother, Ame Richardson, moved to Hosack Street, we were happy to learn Santa showed up every Christmas Eve on Evergreen Street. It was the next street over and it was easy to get there. (I later learned we were cutting through Santa’s yard! haha) This street had lots of Christmas decorations. Every house was decorated with lights, and the house at the end of the street had a huge wooden cut out of an angel playing an organ. The organ and the angel moved while loud Christmas music was playing. Phil, the oldest cousin, was in charge of taking us to visit with Santa. There were lots of ho, ho, hos and what do you want for Christmas sort of questions and then he gave us hard candy. I remember it was always cold. One year, our uncle gave us all coats so we would be warm when we went to visit Santa. Exciting times!

Do you like my Mamie Eisenhauer bangs?

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One response to “Merry Christmas 1959!

  1. Glenna Hulme

    December 26, 2020 at 10:05 pm

    I remember your beautiful curls!


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