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The life and times of the Conrad Adam family in Kendall County, Texas

Since I first started gathering information about  Conrad Adam, my great-great-grandfather,  I have continually looked in books and later on the Internet for him.  I never expect to find him and am always surprised when I do.  Today was not any different.   I typed his name into the Bexar County Deed search box.  Lo and behold, there he was in 1875, agreeing to be a trustee with H. G. Froebel on a Deed of Trust for Michel Enderle.  The witnesses were E. C. Grothaus and Ch. Dienger.  The definition for a Deed of Trust is “a type of security for a loan. It names a third party called the trustee to hold the legal title until you pay it off.” So here, we find Conrad doing a good deed.  Of course, this leads to another question.  Who is Michel Enderle? 

Bexar County Deeds , DT, Vol. 3, 481-482p.

Michel Enderle was born to Johann Georg and Elizabethe Enderle on 11 March 1808 in Baden.  He arrived in the United States with his wife and family in January 1847.  They sailed on the ship Talbot and landed in New Orleans.  Michel married his wife, Anna Maria Manshardt, on 7 November 1833 in Linx, Hohenbuhn, Baden, Prussia, now Linx, Kehl, Baden, Deutschland.  In 1850 Michel and his family lived on the East Side of the San Antonio River in Bexar County.  They eventually move to Kendall County.

Ship Talbot, 1847, Michel’s name is missing but his age 39 is listed.

So, how did Conrad know him and then be willing to sign as a trustee?  Kendall County’s population was somewhere between 1,500 and 2,700 people in 1875, so everyone knew everyone. It appears Michel had a closer connection. While looking at the 1880 census, Michel lived with his daughter Elizabeth Braun and her son and another daughter Emma. Then, I noticed their next-door neighbors were Frederick Voges, his wife Therese (Conrad Adam’s daughter), and grandson Louis.  Next door to the Voges family is Henry and Amalia Dietert (Conrad Adam’s brother- in-law and sister-in-law), their children, his nephew and nieces, Gustav A, Bertha, Mollie, and (Conrad’s father-in-law) Joseph Bergmann.  Conrad must have thought highly of Michel Enderle to agree to be a trustee for a loan.  If Michel had defaulted, he would have had to pay the note.  The good news is on 18 January 1882, Conrad and H. G. Froebel are released.  Michel paid off the note.

Anna Maria died in 1870 and Michel died in 1890. Both are buried in the Boerne Cemetery.

Children of Michel and Maria Anna Enderle:

Elizabeth, born 24 January 1834 in Baden.  She married  ? Braun. She died on 18 January 1902 at age 67 and is buried in the Boerne Cemetery.

Barbara Peltzer, born 18 October 1838 in Baden.  She married Gustav Peltzer.  He died in La Grange and is buried there.  She died 16 November 1916 at age 78 and is buried in City Cemetery #1 in San Antonio. Her obituary states:

San Antonio Light, November 1916

Catherine, born 2 February 1840 in Baden. Never married. Died 12 July 1919 and is buried in City Cemetery #1 in San Antonio.

Mary Magdalena, born 15 June 1843 in Baden. She married Charles Armand Schreiner on 13 November 1861.  She died 8 September 1902 in Kerrville and is buried at Glen Rest Cemetery.

Ludwig died young.

Caroline died young.

Emma, born 2 July 1854 in Texas and never married.  She died 2 January 1939 at age 85 and is buried in City Cemetery  #1 in San Antonio.  Her obituary stated that she spent the winters in San Antonio and the summers in Boerne when she was older.

Albert, born on 31 October 1857 in Texas.  He moved from San Antonio to Kerrville in 1873.   He married Amelia Dietert, daughter of Christian and Rosalie Dietert of Kerrville, on 15 January 1882. Albert died on 3 March 1946 and is buried in the Glen Rest Cemetery in Kerrville. He was employed by Captain Charles Schreiner as a cashier and bookkeeper for a number of years. Then he became a postmaster at the Kerrville Post Office for twelve years. Christian Dietert is related to Henry Dietert, Conrad’s brother-in-law.

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7 thoughts on “Conrad Adam and Michel Enderle

  1. Susie says:

    So would Michel Enderle Be Michel Enderle Georg, being born to Johann Georg in Germany? I’m trying to find out where my GG Grandfather Phillip Carl Georg fits in with some of the Georg family’s that came over. I’m sure his was a Georg when he married her maybe a cousin or something because her maiden name on their papers, she is down as Georg. But looking to see who was his father & who was her father both as a Georg. Phillip Carl Georg was born in 1827 Germany and Sophia Georg Georg was born in 1828 Germany. And I’m sure they fit in someway with Johann Georg from over there. I’ll try to work on that one again, been trying for years but I think I keep missing that one little thing to fit it together.

    1. Kathryn says:

      Michel Enderle’s father’s middle name was Georg. In every document, I read he was an Enderle and not a Georg.

      I wonder if Sophia was Phillip Carl’s cousin. I never got the impression the German’s married close cousins but there is always a first! With more and more information going online it has sure helped with the research. Keep digging! In my search for family members, I will keep my eyes open for Georgs. Sometimes, ancestors show up in unlikely places.

      I saw the photo of Bertha Georg on your Ancestry family tree. May I use the photo on this blog? I want to post pictures of the four Philip Bauer children.

      1. Susie says:

        Oh yes you can use hers, and her husband Edward Georg if you want. I so wish we had other pictures of her. My Mom said that her sister, and Bertha’s Granddaughter also Olga McGraw Sedlock had lots of Bertha’s pictures and things from her. She was closest to her in her last days, and payed for her funeral, and helped uncle Oscer Georg out because he was really close to his mom Bertha, and lived with her up until she died. But after my Aunt Olga died in the 70s, her husband remarried within a few months in his old age, than when he died his wife wouldn’t let any of our side of the family have anything that belonged to my Aunt. But she did end up giving my mom a few things after my mom cried to her, saying she’d like to have somethings from her sister. So she gave her the pictures of Bertha and Edward and a few others of my aunt, and a plant, and a pot for a plant. And than a really old wool picture from Japan. But that was it! My mom never could understand why that woman wanted pictures of family members that wasn’t hers. I wish Bertha’s picture was more clear but glad I have it.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Thank you! The photos are probably in an antique store somewhere…very upsetting.

  3. Glenna Hulme says:

    Amazing research. I’m collecting your articles about Conrad and all the Adam clan for my kids and grandkids. Three are Adam namesakes, Andrew Reed, Jack Wyatt and Nolan Conrad.

  4. Glenna Hulme says:

    Oh and of course Jason Conrad. 🙂

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