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I have attended RootsTech for the past five years.  Due to COVID-19, this year it is virtual.  The sessions are engaging, helpful, and shorter than an in-person session.  What I miss is the overall enthusiasm, and there is always lots of it!

One of the features at the RootsTech Conference is connecting with relatives who are registered to attend.  I have never had a close cousin connection. My list usually starts with 5th cousins.  This year I have three third cousins once removed!!  Two are from my father’s side, Adam and Bauer, and one from my mother’s side, Goehring.  So exciting!

The definition of a third cousin once removed is:

Third cousins share great-great grandparents. A child of my third cousin is my third cousin once removed and I am their third cousin once removed.

Here is an example from my family.

Susie and Kathryn are descended from the same great-great grandparents, Philipp and Marie Peters Bauer.

You can use this same format to discover your third cousins once removed.

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2 thoughts on “Third Cousin Once Removed? What does that mean?

  1. Shelley Nielson says:

    If you are Kathryn Louise Adam Hurst, we are 4th cousins. I am Shelley Leigh Hoover Nielson. Kathryn Louise Adam – 4th cousin Jimmie Charles Adam 1925-2018 Father of Kathryn Louise Adam, William “Willie” Eugene Adam 1893-1955 Father of Jimmie Charles Adam, Julius Conrad Adam 1864-1952 Father of William “Willie” Eugene Adam, Adelbertha Bergmann 1836-1914 Mother of Julius Conrad Adam, Joseph Bergmann 1799-1882 Father of Adelbertha Bergmann Anton Bergmann Sr 1846-1911 Son of Joseph Bergmann, Oscar Bergmann 1875-1937 Son of Anton Bergmann Sr, John Jacob Bergmann 1914-1992 Son of Oscar Bergmann, Dawn Marie Bergmann 1940-2014 Daughter of John Jacob Bergmann, Shelley Leigh Hoover, You are the daughter of Dawn Marie Bergmann If I have the right person, you grew up in Boerne. You probably knew my maternal great grandmother on her mother’s side, Maggie Zoeller.


  2. Kathryn says:

    Yes, it’s me! It is nice to discover another cousin! I’m glad you found me. I do know Maggie Zoeller. She was my fifth-grade teacher at Boerne Elementary. I remember singing every morning and creating fun art projects. It’s is wonderful to hear from you!

    My grandma Lillie Adam loved to play bridge. I think she sometimes played bridge with your great-grandmother.

    My grandfather’s name is Willie. Many people thought his name was really William. He had a cousin named William Adam and sometimes the two are combined together. I finally got his name changed from William to Willie on Findagrave.

    Great to hear from you!

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