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San Antonio Express (San Antonio, TX), Vol. XL, 74, p 7, March 15, 1905,

Mrs. Mary Bauer

“Boerne, Tex., March 14 – Mrs. Mary Bauer died yesterday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Chas Wessly[sic], at Kreuzberg   Interment was made at Kreutzberg cemetery at 1 o clock today   Mrs. Bauer was 76 years of age and had been ill since the death of her husband three years ago   She was born in Germany, but came to Kendall county fifty years ago.  One son and three daughters mourn her loss Ernst Bauer, Mrs. Chas. Wessely and Mrs. Bertha George of Kendall county, and Mrs. Henry Schuz [sic Schuetz] of Blanco.”

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2 thoughts on “Today is…Anniversary of the Death of Marie Bauer

  1. Susie says:

    I wish I knew more about her, I looked up Peters all over around where she settled but can’t find anyone. I heard she was here before Philipp and wrote him to come over to America, which he did and they ended up getting married. So they must of known each other in Germany before she came. But who did she come with, parents, a brother or sister, alone? If I would of known about my Bauer side while I lived in Germany I could of looked that up while there, like I did with my Fathers side [ Moser ] The German people always came up to me talking in German, and I didn’t know that much at the time, and they were always shocked I wasn’t from there because they would start to talk English, saying you look German! I would tell them, that was because I had a lot of German in me lol! Our Army Post was very small so I shopped in a lot of the small German towns where they got to know me, and I made friends. One German friend said you look German but you’re also darker than most, I just said I was from Texas and was just in the sun a lot. Because at that time I didn’t know I had African American in me from my McGraw-Shields side of my family, I just thought I tanned good lol! But there are lot’s of Bauer’s there, but had no idea at the time I was in the family. And the Moser’s are on the border of Germany and France, but was unable to find a trail with my Fathers side because of WWII and all the places bombed with records, even Churches. Germany is really hard to find info on records with family there. But I’d really like to know how Mary got here and with who, and who she lived with before Philipp got here.

  2. Kathryn says:

    I would also like to know how Marie got to Texas. Like you, I have searched for her and have not come up with a single lead. I found a Mathias Peter and daughter who arrived on the ship Hercules in 1845 from Hollar, Nassau. I have hit a dead end there. I never could find out the daughter’s name plus the name of the village does not match Philipp’s village of Enkirch. Although, it could be a neighboring village.

    How wonderful to have lived in Germany! I have visited twice and hoped to go back but haven’t made it. It is so beautiful! The first time I visited was in 1978 and the second in 2001. It looks like I should go in 2022. haha

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