Conrad's Stories

The life and times of the Conrad Adam family in Kendall County, Texas

Of Captain W. E. Jones,  Company No. _____,   Precinct No. ______,    Kendall County,
Third District,  Texas State Troops, for the Month of February, 1864.
1 W. E. Jones  Captain56   Rifle & Pistol   Volunteer
2 J. G. O’Grady   1st Lieut34   Shot Gun & Pistols   Volunteer (District Clerk)
3 Christoph Flack   2nd Lieut38   Pistol 
1 Leo Schultz   1st Sergeant44   Shot Gun  
2 L. Strohatter   2nd Sergeant29   Shot Gun 
3 E. Voelker   3rd Sergeant34  Shot Gun 
4 A. Neubert   Sergeant43   Rifle & Shot Gun 
5 B. Little   Sergeant30   Shot Gun & Pistols 
1 C. Dinger   Corporal40   Shot Gun 
2 John Stecher   Corporal39   Shot Gun 
3 I. Diedecker   Corporal39   Rifle 
4 F. Sauer   Corporal30   Rifle & Pistols 
5 Ig. Munch   Corporal39   Rifle 
1 Adam, Cornelius    Private37   Pistol 
        [This is Conrad]      
2 Aholger, Wm.  Private26  
3 Amman C  Private48  Rifle & Shot Gun 
4 Brown C S  Private18  Pistol 
5 Brown David  Private43  Rifle  
6 Branch C F  Private30  
7 Borner F  Private37  Rifle & Pistols   Muster Roll
8 Brown E W  Private37  Pistol          of
9 Brown C A  Private47  Rifle Capt. W. E. Jones
10 Bartar A  Private37  Rifle      Company
11 Castanien R Private  37 Shot Gun 
12 Diedert H Private  26 Shot Gun Kendall County
13 Deering G   Private  39 Shot Gun 
14 Erdell G Private  48 Shot Gun      52 men
15 Geils W. I Private  45 Rifle           of
16 Storner John Private  34 Shot Gun3rd  Frontier Dist
17 Storter C Private  46 Shot Gun 
18 Harms H Private  37 Shot Gun 
19 Hains Jo Private  47 Pistols 
20 Hamihs P Private  33  
21 Harz F Private  39 Shot Gun 
22 Heiligmann H Private  33 Rifle & Pistols 
23 Hagemann B Private  48 Shot Gun 
24 Henderson H V Private  36 Shot Gun 
25 Herbst F Private  45  
26 Jung Jocst Private  42 Shot Gun 
27 Koch Anton Private  31 Shot Gun 
28 Lamm Joseph Private  39 Shot Gun 
29Lenz F Private  49 Shot Gun 
30Lohmann F Private  49 Shot Gun 
31Manuguis Eujino Private  21 Rifle 
32Neubert Otto Private  42 Shot Gun 
33Oberwerder P. H Private  34 Rifle 
34 Ochse Julius Private  49 Shot Gun 
35 Pfeiffer V Private  35 Shot Gun 
36 Pohnart Anton Private  35 Shot Gun 
37 Reed Erasmus Private  38 Shot Gun & Pistols 
38 Schilling Ernst Private  30 Rifle & Pistols 
39 Spinrad Franz Private  30 Rifle 
40 Schafer Jo P Private  40 Shot Gun 
41 Schlador F Private  24 Rifle 
42 Schuchard F Private  30 Rifle 
43 Smith James Private  36 Rifle 
44 Staffel August Private  40 Pistols 
45 Tait Joseph Private  37 Shot Gun & Pistols 
46 Voigt W Private  38 Shot Gun 
47 Voigt August Private  40 Rifle 
48 Voigt Adam Private  42 Rifle & Pistols 
49 Wetz H Private  46 Shot Gun 
50 Wendler H Private  34 Rifle 
51Zoller Ph Private  48 Shot Gun 
52Edge W B Private  38 Rifle 
I certify, on honor, that this Muster Roll exhibits the true state of Captain W. E. Jones Company
of Kendall County, Texas State Troops, for the month of February,  1864
Er Ferandsen, Calvalry Officer.
Transcribed copy of by Kathryn Adam Hurst, Confederate Muster Roll, Kendall County, Texas State Archives

I noticed there were a number of misspelling or name changes on this muster roll, for example Cornelius instead of Conrad. Perhaps, Er. Ferandsen was trying to “Americanize” their names. When transcribing the document, I did not add any punctuation because Er. Ferandsen did not either.

An article about Frontier Organization in the Handbook of Texas gives an explanation of why this group was formed and what they were expected to do. Here are two excerpts.

“The law declared that all persons liable for military service who were actual residents of the frontier counties of Texas were to be enrolled into companies of from twenty-five to sixty-five men. The act defined the frontier line and the fifty-nine organized frontier counties of Texas; it also instructed Governor Murrah to divide the designated counties into three districts and to appoint a suitable man with the rank of major of cavalry to take charge of the organization of mounted companies within the district…”

“Companies in the Frontier Organization normally averaged between fifty and fifty-five men in strength, usually with about fifteen men per squad for patrol duty. The length of service at any one time varied according to the task, presence of the enemy, and availability of supplies, but most squads on patrol duty expected to remain out for about ten days at a time. The Frontier Organization not only provided protection against Indian incursions but also enforced Confederate conscription, rounded up deserters, and provided protection to settlers from renegades and bandits. The Frontier Organization assumed chief responsibility for the protection of the Texas frontier from March 1864 until several months after the end of the war…

David Paul Smith, “Frontier Organization,” Handbook of Texas Online, accessed March 23, 2021,

Published by the Texas State Historical Association.

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