Conrad's Stories

The life and times of the Conrad Adam family in Kendall County, Texas

Emma Adam Herms in the youngest daughter of Conrad and Adalbertha Bergmann Adam.

Emma Adam Herms

Born: 11 September 1867

Died: 1 September 1931

married 12 January 1890 in Kendall County, Texas

Christian Herms

Born: 1 June 1862

Died: 7 January 1929

Boerne Cemetery (Boerne, Kendall County, Texas). Christian and Emma Adam Herms marker; personally read, 2011.

One thought on “Tombstone Tuesday: Emma Adam Herms

  1. Mrs. Dorothy Ann Ebert says:

    Christian Herms & Emma Adam Herms were my grandparents who were already deceased when I was born in 1938. Your history on Conrad’s stories, etc., has been an unbelievable help to me in tracing my paternal ancestry. And I go back on one line all the way to Joseph and Theresia Ohnesorge Bergmann. My Dad was Herbert Herms, married to Hertha Haas. I am Dorothy. I am wondering about Christian or rather Andreas Christian Herms as to whom his parents were as some info I received which I think might be incorrect was that his father (or parents) immigrated after he did and that his name was Frederick Herms who settled in Boerne and later moved away. I have no such info in my research that I could find. Christian immigrated in 1881 on the ship Hermann, a steamship which landed in Baltimore, MD. I found that info in the ship records of German immigrants that are found in the New Braunfels Public library (which I have no where else found) and is a large series of great record books of about 75 or such volumes. You might be interested in these for your research on names, etc. I would appreciate very much any further info on possible ancestory of Christian or Andreas Christian Herms. He and Emma Adam had 7 children. Charlie, Willie, Edna (later m. Widman), Herbert, Conrad, Fritz, and Gus. My Dad was #4Herbert Alfred Herms who married Hertha Haas. So I have a lot of records on the Boerne Haas Families. My parents had 2 children, Alfred Max and me, Dorothy Ann. I married Eugene John Ebert (his maternal ancestry was thru Haag family,) and we had 1 adopted dtr., and 3 birth sons. At the present, I have 4 birth grandsons plus 1 birth granddtr. from the 3 sons, and now 1 great-granddtr. When my husband & I divorced in 1981, our adopted dtr. returned to Eugene who previously had adopted her in his previous marriage and I lost custody. (She, however, had 2 children later after her marriage.) My maternal ancestry includes the Carl (or Karl) an Catherine (Kathrine) Haas family of Comal Co., their son Adolph Haas and wife Wilhelmine Kruckemeyer, also of Comal Co., Otto C. Haas and Emilie Uecker of Boerne, TX. my grandparents.

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